Friday, 19 July 2024


In general, there are two types of services to be offered: physiotherapy department of physiotherapy outpatient and inpatient physiotherapy.

In the first part, patients with osteoarthritis pain in the lower back, neck, knees - patients paralyzed (Hemiplegia, etc.) - Patients with limb fractures and other sorts of things can be treated. The major goal of treating these patients to reduce pain, increase range of motion, strengthen muscles, improve balance, and ultimately enhance and improve the patients' daily life and occupational activities.

Physiotherapy patients; treatment of the patients do on their bed with physiotherapy and sports. Physiotherapy organs is mainly aimed at preventing the infection of the lungs, increasing capacity and improving respiratory function, prevent drying joints and improve range of respiratory function to patients in the outpatient and inpatient is the duty of the physiotherapist.