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* Imaging Services: These services include the following 4 categories:

 - Radiography

- Ultrasound

- Biopsies.

- Interventional Radiology 



- Imaging of the digestive system:

 Barium Swallow, Barium meal, UGI, transit, Barium Enema.



- Imaging of the urinary system:

 I.V.P- R.U.G- V.C.U.G- Cystography- Nephrostography


- Other specialized imaging contrast agent:

H.S.G- and fistula graph.



* Ultrasound:

- Ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvic organs

- Ultrasound salivary glands and thyroid and parathyroid

- Ultrasound breast and axillary soft tissue

- Transvaginal ultrasound and transrectal method.

- Ultrasound retroperitoneum

- Ultrasound urinary tract system




    - Ultrasound babies include:

Skull, abdomen, hip, testes, Astnvzpylvr and reflux.



- Ultrasound examination in pregnancy include:

 The diagnosis of pregnancy, the fetus, multiple pregnancy, biophysical profile, anomalies and IUGR, weight and amount of amniotic fluid, the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy and NT / NB.


- Doppler ultrasound of the arteries:



 Arterial Doppler arterial Doppler Karvtyd- Vrtbral- upper and lower extremity Doppler (arterial and venous) - SMV- celiac aortic Doppler aortic Doppler transrectal and transabdominal Doppler Shkmy- Vazhynal- Tstys and prostate Doppler Doppler fetal Doppler and vascular mass in Klytvrys- liver and pelvic venous Doppler Doppler Doppler Port paragraph Naf- surface tissue or artery Doppler Klytyn- Mfasl- all Pyvndy- Doppler Doppler Doppler few Qlvyy- Penis Papavryn- injection Doppler abdominal mass.

  - Three-dimensional, four-dimensional ultrasound

- Ultrasound of the testes and inguinal

- Pleural effusion and Ascites specialized ultrasound Markrgzary

Breast specialized -Svnvgrafy with Markrgzary the masses.

- Superficial and deep soft tissue ultrasound anywhere on the body.



* Biopsy and Interventional:

FNA - sonographically guided breast and thyroid.



- Biopsy of breast, thyroid, liver, kidney, prostate under ultrasound-guided

- Abscesses and cavities and tumor under ultrasound-guided injection

- Loading Sonographical guided aspiration

- Drainage of abscesses and cysts under ultrasound-guided (with catheter)

Sonographically guided -Nfrvstvmy

- Doppler penile injection

- Port under ultrasound-guided placement