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Rights of service recipients

Rights of service recipients




Only the recipient of service in hospitals, medical groups, individuals authorized by the service recipient and the people that are punishable by law as can patient information Access.

He placed first in the patient or client service on request CD image all the information recorded in the patient's file copies.


National standards cover the hospital for the patients, ladies and gentlemen, from trousers and blouse and pants and scarves they use and if

Transfer to the operating room of the Gun - pants and hats and clothes are disposable.

Be sure to perform medical procedure use and privacy of patient treatment and coating retained.

Personnel in all shifts is used and if possible all service personnel are homogeneous and if for treatment

There is a certain possibility of professional staff homogeneous homogenous terms of the presence of a non-professional staff.

In addition to observing gender of patients in rooms 2 bedroom admission try to be together as much as possible be homogenous.

Recipient of the service areas of the body that do not need to intervene in the diagnosis and treatment are covered.

The recipient's mobile service:

In the case of children accompanied by a parent at all stages (where, unlike medical need not) be included.


All the fellows in clinical departments every day, you can visit from 14:30 to 16% of cases, and in particular with the principles of infection control

This is done at 15 to 16.

Benefits associated tab serving food, serving snacks, sofa bed and traffic are met in regular hours.




Because of the special importance of patients' families, hospital-based survey expert survey provides all-day companions and the

Their viewpoints in order to further expand the mobile service.


All related training on admission, during hospitalization and discharge to be given to patients and patient education sheets recorded and evaluated its efficacy

Free choice and participation:

Before performing any medical procedure information for patients expounded the patient and the patient enough time to consult and make informed decisions freely.


How to charge for services from service recipients:

The cost of services under existing regulations and rules of the service recipient will be charged.

In case of emergency without financial considerations and hospital health services offered.

If the service recipient has already been transferred to other centers of expertise for treatment, tariff rates and insurance coverage services at the medical center destination

Be notified and, if possible choice.

Property service recipients:

Personal property of the closest locations to which patients have access to those personally held

All patients on admission to hospital  notification about the lack of maintenance. This entry was posted on boards installed the patient's room.



Admission and providing amenities:

Visiting hours are every day from 15 till 17.

If you want patients to have access to your card provided with amenities such as food, snacks and sofa bed is possible.