Wednesday, 28 February 2024

Bill of Hospital Morality

Employees of the hospital, but honored his pledge to serve faithfully the people know and believe the love of the Creator is dependent on the satisfaction of creation.

Efforts in the deployment and efficient use of new technologies and preparing the appropriate atmosphere in order to offer quality services and exceptional value to customers' priorities

The center is also glad intimacy with clients responsibly towards accountability for the performance of the duty of all of us.

Trying to provide service with high quality, accurate and timely treatment of patients and trying to satisfy them is our goal.

Punctuality, regularity and appearance, politeness and respect for other patients is our duty.

Hospital ethics charter of our success depends on teamwork and continuous quality improvement and overall development is our goal.

The center believes that the ultimate judge of the quality of service customers and for the survival of any organization, so in order to maintain and improving the quality and quantity of services

Finally, patient satisfaction and continuous efforts will be illustrated.