Wednesday, 28 February 2024

Delivery Room

Delivery Room with its experienced staff & the latest medical equipment's provides 24-hour health services.

Delivery Room Services

-          Initial examination & diagnosis of all patients during labor & non-labor lead to child birth, emergencies & indication for hospitalization.

-          Examination & preparation of patients with a diagnosis of incomplete abortion and Transfer to the operating room.

-          Measures related to the termination of pregnancies in IUFD cases based on physicians instructions.

-          Issue birth certificate

-          Training mothers, such as breast-feeding, health after childbirth

-          Telephone counseling for breastfeeding

-          Photography & filming services

-          Proximity of mother & Newborn in recovery by midwifery

-          Breast feeding, pregnancy & childbirth preparation classes all week.

-          (telephone: 09362880472     7a.m to 2 p.m)

-          Control & manage normal labor patients as instructed by doctor until two week after delivery. 

-          Preparation of patients for cesarean & take care of them until transition to the operating room.

-          A midwife will be present in the operating room in order to determine baby's Apgar score & primary skin to skin contact of mother & the baby.

-          Monitoring high-risk pregnant mothers & necessary care as directed by doctor

-          Performing NST & interpreting & informing it to the doctor for outpatient & hospitalized patients.

The husband can be present during natural childbirth under special circumstances & in coordination with physician