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Central Operating Room

Operating Room 1: laparoscopic surgery is done in this room.


 (Equipped with advanced laparoscopy & imaging record)

Operating Room 2: all general surgeries are done here.

 Operating Room 3: Neurological surgery is done in this room. The room is equipped with craniotomy & microscope imaging capability.

 Operating Room 4: in this room all Nazo-faring laryngoscopes acts (urology) such as PCNL, TUL, and TUR are done with imaging.

Operating Room 5: the room is equipped with arthroscopy & CARM devices .All orthopedic surgeries including hip, kidney, knee replacement, and arthroscopy are done.

Operating Room 6: the room is equipped with heart pumps, balloon pumps, heart-cooler, & electroshock. Open heart surgeries including MVR, AVR, and CABG done.

The initial admission of patient is done at the preparation section  





(Operating room entrance) & the patient is delivered to operating room here. The recovery is at the end of operating room which has a Common Corridor with CATH LAB, ICUOH. The patient is transferred here after the Operation. 8 Patients can be at recovery at the same time. It is equipped with Ventilator, 3 heaters, Tralee code, Oxygen & Warmer
Surgeries include
General Surgery, urology, Orthopedics, neurology, gynecological Surgery, ENT, Laparoscopic, Pain management, Kidney Transplant, Cosmetic Surgery
 In addition, an Operating room in the emergency department is dedicated to the outpatients & too operating room in second Floor to women, which are well equipped

This Section includes 6 separate operating rooms, Doctors Pavilion recovery, Rest & dining room for personnel & staff, Chief room, Nursing Station warehouse, Warehouse1, Warehouse 2 , Dirty work room, equipment ware house, Pharmacy stock, & washing room All Operating rooms are connected to Packing (Sterile room), CSR, Pharmacy, R Washing room through a hallway. All operating rooms are equipped with FABIUS Connected to the column & a Space lab monitor which is connected to anesthesia monitors.