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While utilizing leading domestic experts, able to provide a variety of services related to internal medicine to needy patients at this hospital.


Audiology Unit

Hospital Audiology Unit DEPARTMENT using the most advanced and equipped machines of the hearing and balance assessment,

The ability to perform all audiometric and electrophysiological tests and assessments related to its aid.

This set of advanced tools along with skilled experts and leading professionals, audiology unit in one of Farmanieh hospital

Audiology centers and unique example in the region has become. Some of the tests that are done in this unit are as follows:


The audiometer test called a machine capable of producing sound signals with different frequencies and intensities of its adjustable done

That is in fact the patient needs to cooperate completely. The purpose of this test is to evaluate the Subjective hearing test completely.

Mean qualitative and quantitative determination of the patient's disability relevance contribute to the diagnosis of hearing loss and to help the hearing aid.

Farmanieh hospital audiology audiometer two-channel unit that is equipped with microphones and speakers capable ofas well. Among other features, this device is separated test for determining the location of the lesion Speech audiometry




DECAY: included

LOMBARD and STENGE  false performed to evaluate hearing loss (hearing loss or normal hearing malingerers) tests is in addition the unit is equipped with two cabins are quite standard acoustic hearing for the tests.