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Visit of patients with kidney problems, urinary tract and ..........


Medical Services Section:
In this section, diagnostic and therapeutic services are provided for both renal diseases and maternal diseases. These diseases include:
- Acute renal failure primary or secondary
- Chronic kidney failure
- Kidney diseases with the consequence of swelling in various tissues of the body
- Renal origin blood pressure disorders
- Blood or protein in the urine
- kidney stones

Types of Patients:
All cases of pediatric nephrology include pyelonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, acute failure, chronic insufficiency, kidney, glomerulonephritis, kidney stones, nephropathy reflux, renal tubular tuberculosis and other tubular patients, all patients with electrolyte and metabolic disorders and anatomical abnormalities of the kidneys and veins Urine and blood pressure ...
Conducting counseling from various departments, particularly ICUs and the blood section, in disorders, electrolyte disturbances, and Lyceum syndrome.

The practical tasks performed in the department are:
- Kidney biopsy (needle and open)
Acute peritoneal dialysis
- CAPD chronic peritoneal dialysis
- Training neurogenic dialysis and bladder patients for CIC and ...
- Provide various protocols for the management of kidney patients including kidney biopsy
- Peritoneal dialysis guidelines and various tests such as PET Management Protocol for most Nephrological Diseases