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Exercise stress test: This test when suspected cases of ischemic cardiovascular medicine (anemia) can be viewed in person for heart

Takes place. If the patient has coronary problems during exercise with ECG changes or changes in breathing, heart rhythm

Heart and blood pressure monitor device in the stress test, the doctor says that the end of the test and, if necessary, other diagnostic measures

(Heart scan or angiography) request. This has leaded to a definitive diagnosis and treatment is the best way.

ECG: Sometimes people the feeling of helplessness that comes from arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat (palpitations, slow pulse

Heart) refer to a doctor. In this case, the doctors do for patients and to evaluate the rate and exercise electrocardiography

ETG devices for closer examination of the heart's electrical rhythm of the heart that the duration of 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours, according to

Doctor is different. In this case, the patients are recommended in case of a change in heart rhythm button on the device

Press and heart rate were recorded at the same time. After the prescribed time, the patient presented again for examination unit called Invent

Provides that at this time he separated from the body of the device and the device's memory card information, including information relating to activities

QRS is marked according to the time of examination and necessary treatment takes place.

ETG blood pressure monitor is a small device that has a memory card and orders cardiologists, program

It's planning unit nurse and such as ECG within a specified time by doctors to patients is installed and prescribed