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Hospital physiotherapy department by employing qualified staff and updated features such as devices and modalities in electrotherapy and manual therapy.

And knowledge Therapy, dear exceptional circumstances provided for patients.

Our main goal is to improve this patient, as soon as they return to daily activities and sports, health and independence patients.

Therefore, in this section under the supervision of experienced practitioners of physical therapy, after the initial assessment of patients, certain programs from the standpoint of therapy, electrotherapy and move

Manual therapy and customizable for each patient, according to his medical needs physical therapy unit designed and implemented specialized

Nourafshar hospital includes:

physiotherapy sports injuries and orthopedic injuries and Neurofibromatosis

physiotherapy rheumatic diseases and joint disorders


Suffering damages spine


Various physical therapy after surgery

consulting services

Evaluation of the stature of the body and provide corrective exercises

Educate patients for the prevention of musculoskeletal and sports injuries

Learn how to use assistive devices kinds Bracing