Wednesday, 28 February 2024



The clinic specializes in children, newborns, and the newly arrived patients, who are discharged from the neonatal department, for further control.

The clinic for children and infants embraces patients and clients from the city of Tehran and all over the country as well as other countries, especially Arab and neighboring countries. This unit consists of two parts:
• Specialist Pediatric and Neonatal Clinic, with the presence of pediatric colleagues.

• Specialized neonatal clinic, with the presence of specialist neonates and professors of the University of Medical Sciences. The clinic offers two shifts in the morning and evening of its services. In addition to modern equipment for full examination of infants and children, this unit is equipped with a bilayer test device that allows the estimation of neonatal bilirubin levels in a non-invasive manner through the skin. Also in emergency cases it is possible to carry out recovery operations and other emergency measures. The number of clients referred to the clinic has increased more than 10 times since the start of the operation. In this regard, the efforts of the pediatric colleagues and the provision of the best services and discipline in their timely presence are remarkable.