Wednesday, 28 February 2024

All You Need to Know Before act of Surgery

Please consider the following points:

Be sure to do the operation from midnight the day before oral absolutely no substance, even water, tea and sugar, do not eat.

Shower the night before surgery and surgical site hair shaved.

Please refrain from having any ornaments surgery will be in trouble.

If you use aspirin , your doctor the day before surgery with at least 5 aspirin (ranging from
,Skar Or Skavl) as well as the 48 Hours of operation disconnect the TACAT baby aspirin,

If you have diabetes and insulin and metformin or clay tablets Bnglamyd you use your flow

Metformin pills and other medications are usually cut 48 hours prior to the day of surgery operation continues. (No admission day insulin injections, and nurses
After the hospital sector leave.)

If a history of allergy or asthma and other diseases you must discuss with your doctor before the surgery.

Please consider the following points before surgery lovely child:

4 hours fasting before hospital visit
Water (without sugar and tea) to eat. cc are before surgery can only be 10 to 15

2 hours of fasting prescribed by the doctor before going to the hospital to have.

Trying to be the youngest of them started calling patients to the operating room.