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The following tests should preferably be taken in the morning:



Urine sample

Thyroid hormones


(GH), growth hormone



Tests that require fasting are:



Test triglycerides (a blood fat) to 12-hour fast is required.

3days before the test foods that contain test

Blood urea 4-hour fast is required. And the patient must be at least 2

Refrain meat.

Blood uric acid test requires fasting for at least 4 hours.

At least 3 hours before the test, thyroid hormones, do not eat food.

In the fasting state for testing Please observe the following:



Eight hours before a visit to the laboratory no food or drinking (except water) are not and do not drink (this period of fasting is recommended at night

Body functions are reduced and normal values were determined in samples morning). At least 8 hours of fasting glucose test is necessary.

If tests on blood lipids such as triglycerides, fasting time for you is requested at least 12 hours.

P tests, urea, uric acid, prolactin need at least 4 hours of fasting





Drinking fruit juice, tea and coffee is ok, but drinking water is allowed during fasting avoid

During fasting from smoking, chewing gum and can avoid exercise. This may lead to incitement system Gastroenterology and changes in the results after sampling, you can start a normal diet and daily physical activity.

Preparations for testing stool:

If the possibility of collecting stool in the laboratory is not possible, the patient can then collect feces it within 2 hours

Delivered to the laboratory and, if possible kept at refrigerator temperature storage stool stool up to 8 hours. Examples of diarrheal

Must be brought to the laboratory within half an hour.

If you have a stool culture can only sample test within 2 hours Incubation submit.

-2 hour glucose test:

In this test, the patient after blood sampling, blood sugar, and eat breakfast (breakfast is your usual diabetic patients spend) and

Just a second sample taken after 2 hours.

A few minutes before the time patients need to be present in the laboratory. During this period, the patient should be smoking and physical activity.