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Sonography and Radiology


The center section ultrasound and color Doppler ultrasonography using modern devices in conventional ultrasound, such as kidney,
Bladder, liver and gallbladder, as well as Doppler ultrasound, color Doppler, such as kidney, renal Doppler, and Doppler blood vessels and organs .... with
High quality, contributed.

Ultrasound diagnosis of a complementary approach with other diagnostic methods in which the observing organ under the waves
High frequency occurs.

Ultrasound is a noninvasive method has disadvantages to this method have been reported.
Except for the above services at the hospital ultrasound, International acts such as prostate biopsy, cyst drainage, built with Nfrstvmy and ....

The semi-official tariff is done.
How do I prepare for an ultrasound?

If you have any contagious disease or skin with your doctor.

Wear comfortable clothing and style in an ultrasound.

Always your previous records of medical examinations and ultrasound combined with ultrasound of the breasts. Especially the answer
Bring your mammogram.

If you've done recently radiographic contrast color with your doctor.

Ultrasonic gas in the area on the skin and hair should be shaved to prevent and ultrasound.

Eat a low-fat liver and gall bladder 8 to 12 hours before the test is required.

Ultrasound examination of the kidneys, bladder, uterus, ovaries and pelvis, your bladder is full, keep drinking a glass of water a few hours before.
Color doppler ultrasound word mentioned in the release are required.

For Sonography operation an appointment is required, otherwise no registration will take place.

Since the time of delivery are approximate and in some cases it may be time to serve your loved ones, according to the patient's condition and the physician or
The hospital or emergency room patients than usual to take so sorry in advance of possible delays.

Receptionist and related expert tips and advice, before and after biopsy, Note.

Dates of visits per prescription insurance is valid only until the end of the month.
Plain radiographs of the children and the elderly and those with physical disability and mobile presence will be used in dissimulation.

This section radiography and fluoroscopy capable of having two modern digital devices, all radiographs general and specialized urology
And Fystvlvgrafy and specialized test RUG, Systvgrafy, Anti-grade, retrograde VCUG, RPG, IVP and renal tract, including,
Gastrointestinal and orthopedic accepted and scientifically high quality standard does.


Simple color (using an injected dye or oral)

How do I prepare for radiography?

It is better to wear comfortable wearing and any foreign metallic objects in the shooting, such as ring, pin, etc. should be removed from the body
And lumbar spine) KUB radiography simplify the most special preparation is not required (except
All radiographs that need to be prepared for an appointment is required.

If the thyroid or kidney disease, or respiratory or food allergies, you'll want a notification with interest.

If you have diabetes and are taking metformin tablets, you will not use it 48 hours before use.

Plain radiographs of the children and the elderly and those with physical disability and having a radiography room.

It is imperative that he wear a lead apron for the patient will be required to control.

Important Hints:

Emergency x-rays and x-rays the same day without previous preparation, adoption and done.

Professional and color x-rays need to be prepared, medicine and consumer goods with harmony and acceptance of the appointment.

Noxious and harmful to pregnant women if the pregnancy be subject to know. X-rays do

The hospital or emergency room patients than usual to take so sorry in advance of possible delays.

The timing of and responsible for the preparation and adoption of recommendations carefully and if you have a history of any disease and drug sensitivity receptionist
You know.