Wednesday, 28 February 2024

Reception and Releasing

Hospital reception admission for delivery to your loved ones are prepared Boarding.

The process queue hospitalized patients:

1. Obtain instructions from the physician by the patient's hospitalization

2. Hospital patient communication with (visiting with a doctor for an appointment or phone call)

3. Appointment by the receptionist

4. Provide the necessary preparations before surgery and at the patients in the hospital receptionist

Admission processing urology, orthopedics, gastroenterology and general surgery:

1. The patients in hospital admission or information referred to in the hospital lobby

2. Providing doctor's instructions and required documents (insurance, prescriptions and if you have a referral from supplementary insurance and supplementary insurance
Or Gold Card) for admission to the receptionist
check papers published after adoption with patient information and informed consent to HIS 3. Expects to record data in the system.

3. Obtaining informed consent from patients and their legal and fingerprints

4. Referring to the pharmacy for the preparation of Kiev Health (if necessary)

5. Explanations required to pay for hospital costs and patient Fund

6. Provide a receipt to the receptionist

7. Explanations given by the receptionist in the lobby of the average patient waiting time, resources and costs associated cards and mobile cards, if necessary, before transferring to the

8. If required by the patient to the patient or to paraclinic (laboratory and imaging) to perform services
Diagnostic (as directed by your doctor Version)

9. The patient transfer and delivery to the patient and patient records to the nursing station