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Visit of patients with fracture problems, arthritis pain, arthritis and ..........

Services provided in orthopedics include care before and after bone and joint surgery in all age groups, including types of fractures, ligament repairs and ligaments, skeletal and skeletal stretching (traction), and so on.


If you need to provide medical items or orthopedic plaques, delivery of the above items and plates to the operating room by sending specialist papers to the pharmacy. The patient's therapeutic needs are fully fulfilled.

In the orthopedic section for patient comfort, wheelchairs, wheelchairs, walkers, and canes. Patio rooms are equipped with a refrigerator and a TV set. In case of need for companion, the patient, after coordinating with the head nurse, and issuing a mobile card, can use the presence along with him. Of course, the expense is calculated at the time of clearance in the file.