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Hospital Laws and Regulations

Dear Patients

Thank you for choosing Farmanieh Hospital for your treatment. All staff feel responsible for your health and try their best to have your acquiescence.

Please note the following rules:

Pay-cost through the card reader or cash.

After the payment, your receipt must be obtained.

Admission is only the amount that you received advance payments and accounts and the rest of the costs, including the cost of hospital fees ,
Doctors at the hospital determined in accordance with the approved tariffs will be charged.
If you stay in the hospital lasted more than three days, to inform and complete the relevant sections refer to the deposit.

Regulation Section

1. Safety

Emergency exit stairs at the end of the exit in times of crisis or emergency is located.

When sleep beside the bed to pull guard and if you do not know how to use it Ask ward nurse.

Do not leave the section without ward nurse permission.

2. Health sector

When visiting loss in the intensive care unit, the patient's cheeks and use Avoid spicy fragrances.
Bring any flowers to the intensive care unit for cardiac patients is prohibited.
Hygiene and sanitation sector is essential to observe the following points:

• Toilets and bathrooms for cleanliness on the ward and

• Keep food inside the refrigerator section

• Do not use nylon black for storing food in the refrigerator

• No smoking in all hospital areas

3. Diet

Diet prescribed by a doctor and nutrition expert supervision of the type of food you eat, tastes and eating habits according to menu

The time serving in part as follows:

Breakfast from 6 am to 7

Lunch from 12 to 13

Dinner from 18 to 19

Due to restore order in the distribution of food and the promise of the patients and the time intervals mentioned above, please be present in the patient's room

4. Peace and Quiet

Mobile phone use in all sectors of medical equipment and compliance with patient comfort due to the interference of the waves is prohibited.

Observing silence and calm to avoid discomfort and anxiety of patients is required.

Laws and Regulation of an usher

• having a room of the hospital, according to patient demand and physician's consent is possible only in patients with homogeneous
Ms. allowed in patient rooms is in compliance with other regulations.

• Each patient is allowed to have an usher (for the preparation of mobile card acceptance and daily hospital between 10 and 11
To renew the card with the reception and attempt to replace your card here.)

• Presence of clinical ,Msyvl subject to checking with your doctor and receive the associated card.

• Presence of homogeneous (same-sex) in clinical departments with responsibility for the coordination is possible.

• Access to wards and clinics agency is prohibited by emergency.

Terms of Use of cell phones in hospitals

Please talk to mobile phone slowly to not disturb the peace of others.

To meet the specific sectors without a mobile phone in the sectors currently in.

When calling a mobile phone in urgent cases, at least two meters distance you have with medical device because the number of equipment
Medical Mobile Radiation damaged and that some of these devices can also damage your mobile phone.

When the doctor or care provider any dialogue and interaction with the box, or turn off your mobile phone in case
Put silence.

To carry out any type of remedial action, without a mobile phone at treatment measures currently in.

Any filming, photographing or recording the voices of others is prohibited by law, please
Avoid link above.
"Do not forget, when there was that time that none of us did not have a cell phone."

Terms of Dressing

• observing all the rules and regulations of the country, particularly the observance of religious values and Islamic dress is required.

• All hospital staff in uniform, including headquarters, medical and technical with identification badge and ready to answer to the people.

Patient Appointments

Meeting patients every day from 15 until 17 pm, respectively.

ICU visiting hours according to the principles of infection control is from 16 to 17.

Children under 12 years is prohibited to meet.

Terms of Releasing

To release a patient the the confirmation paper is required.

Paying all medical expenses and medical and hospital fund is therefore only through payment with each title.
Patients admitted during the week from 7:30 until 17 and Fridays and holidays 9 am.

Please confirm time head to discharge their patients to hospital.

Because hospital costs are set based on a minimum so please refrain from applying any discounts.

Insurance requirements

If it is introducing a supplementary insurance must provide insurance unless his insurance card is golden or armed forces.

If the patient has forgotten or lost your doctor is a must before admission to the hospital by his doctor to be coordinated admissions.
Be sure to bring valid identification for admission.

In the case of contracts with a complementary insurance contract unless at least one day prior to the issuance of the insurance policy to the insured
Refer to the relevant complementary.

If ,Dr introduction agency contracted to pay hospital bills to the patients. The amount by unit
Patients who received the funds on accounts.

Patients with insurance organizations or agencies contracted by the hospital should be the difference in tariffs introduced free room
One bedroom with double room tariffs and other pay from liability insurance.

Please liable for any payment to the hospital and received the first copy of your receipt for your records delivered to the admission and release
Keep your second until discharge.

The daughter, whose parents are insured to carry their birth certificate is required.
,Br The hospital manages its ongoing basis ,Hzynh income and not covered by any organization and government agency.

Consequently full deposit payment and settlement based on the amount announced by ,Bray hospital discharge unit is necessary.

According to maintain security devices per person, please bring cash exceeds the amount required more expensive objects and refrain.

If the patient is under 18, the parents are required to sign documents with identification.

Patients can respect Azbstry telephones, room and bed after bed along with a presentation and along through (room number +8556)

Dear patients, hospital facilities are provided for your convenience and therefore be diligent in maintaining it.

Dear patients and their relatives in the center of the card reader to be paid.